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No matter how far we advance in today’s digitised world, there are some aspects of the human condition that’ll never change – we like to feel that we belong to something, we act on our emotions, and it takes us a little time to trust others. 

That’s certainly not a bad thing. After all, a brand that earns a customer’s trust is a brand that’s found a lifelong client. But how can we appeal to these human elements effectively with so many people being wary of new businesses? 

How can you start a relationship brand from scratch and begin to build trust with so much other marketing noise in the world? 

It’s all a matter of engaging with your future clients; understanding those human emotions and applying them to the modern world. How? Here’s how!

Understanding the Customer/Brand Relationship 

Let’s begin by using a standard template of effective emotional marketing. For the example below, I’m using the ‘appeal’ introductory content that many wonderful charitable organisations use. 

It’s one that I’d dare say you’ve had through your letterbox and inbox many times over the years: 

This is an urgent appeal to those who wish to grow their business online from Neil Sheth, founder of Your Brand Found: 

Every day, hundreds of businesses are missing out on developing good long-term relationships with their customers. For every cautious customer that clicks away from your webpage, you lose a little more of your brand’s reputation, the trust of others, and the potential earnings that a loyal client can bring.

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Welcome to the Your Brand Found family!

Okay, so there’s a little exaggeration here in order to get the point across, but there’s a reason charitable organisations use this method. They have to instantly capture the emotions of their readers in order to thrive with their very important work. 

And winning over a sceptical reader who knows nothing about your business is no mean feat. 

Of course, I’m not suggesting you do the very same for your business. But this method exemplifies the 3 most important elements of beginning a customer and brand relationship:  

  • It appeals to the emotions of a reader
  • It speaks to them on an individual level
  • It establishes that they are part of a larger support network 

The results of this? Well, we’ve used a unique way to capture your attention. How do we keep it? By offering something of value to you. You specifically. To your business. 

Of course, every business can benefit from this. So while we are speaking directly to you, we are also considering the bigger picture. 

And that is the foundation of a strong relationship brand. 

What Is a Relationship Brand? 

Think of it as a type of marketing that makes the customer feel both supported and individualistic. The content speaks to them as if they’re the only person in the world, with the added comfort of knowing that they are part of a larger community.

The feeling of being understood and belonging to a ‘pack’ of others is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Combine that with the safety and support of large numbers, and you have the tools needed to build your relationship brand.

Woman with laptop lying down in bed

Building Your Relationship Brand 

If appealing to the emotions of people is the foundation of a good customer and brand relationship, then what do we use to build on them and make people aware of our businesses? 

Referral marketing 

Encouraging existing customers to recommend your business to others is one of the faster ways to gain trust in your brand. After all, the recommendation is coming from someone who these potential new customers already trust. 

In fact, an incredible 92% of customers will trust the recommendation of someone they know personally. So again, the human component comes into play. The association between your brand and someone they know and respect the opinion of elevates your business instantly. 

Social media 

Whether you like it or not, every brand needs some form of social media presence. Modern consumers are savvy, and if they can’t find an official Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account for your business, they’re going to take a few steps back and reassess if you’re legit. 

Email campaigns

One of the classics, and for good reason too. Through a little email list building and some smart content, you can still stand out in someone’s inbox and capture their attention. 

Influencer marketing 

Think of influencer marketing as affiliate marketing with a modern twist. Behind the filters and online personas are some extremely smart business people who understand how to market your brand to their loyal followers. 

Woman recording audio podcast on equipment

Face to face networking 

There’s nothing wrong with a little hustle! Face to face is still something many people feel is a lost art in modern marketing. 

Make an impression. Have a good chat. Leave before you outstay your welcome and drop off a business card on your way out. 

Relationship Brands: Standing out in Modern Marketing 

The customer and brand relationship is precious in the days of constant ads offering people every promise under the sun. 

A brand relationship shouldn’t look to stand out from the crowd by yelling the loudest. There’s enough of that already and your business will barely be heard in the echo chamber of online marketing. 

Instead, take these 5 steps into consideration to develop a stronger relationship brand: 

1. Always think long-term

It can be difficult to maintain a path when you don’t see instant results. But remember that we are creating a pool of regular and loyal customers, not a flash in the pan campaign that lives and dies by its first month of results alone. 

Polish up your five-year plan and stick to it. Celebrate minor victories that will pay off handsomely in the future. Always consider the long-term ramifications of your decisions. 

Is it always easy to do in such a fast-moving world? No. Will you look back someday and be grateful for your patience? Absolutely. 

Developing trust takes time. But when you earn it, it’s going nowhere. Success is not a short-term goal, so think long-term and plan for your future. 

2. Keep it emotional 

Short-term thinking leads to short-term marketing. And guess what gets sacrificed every single time a brand does this? That’s right – your emotional engagement. 

Time and time again brands win the battle but lose the war with this shortsighted marketing. No emotional engagement means no attachment. No attachment means no interest. No interest means there’s no chance of a customer trusting your business with their time and money. 

A relationship brand thrives on that emotional attachment. And it can do more for your business than any marketing budget ever could. There’s no short-term gain that’s worth destroying this essential building block of long-term trust. 

3. Be innovative, not reactive 

That long-term trust we want to earn comes from being creative within your specific industry and using the tools at your disposal in innovative ways. Unfortunately, businesses looking to gain a quick sale can unintentionally undo the groundwork of a strong brand relationship. 

Brands that are still trying to establish themselves are guilty of this. I understand why but it breaks my heart to see a good idea fall by the wayside with reactionary marketing. Your business is introducing itself to the world. You’re telling everyone what you stand for and why they should trust you. 

A tone of voice that changes constantly immediately sets off alarm bells. Being creative in your marketing makes you stand out. Being inconsistent with your marketing message makes you seem suspect. 

4. Nurture the business that comes your way

Earning the trust of a small number of clients is a win. Never lose sight of the gains you make on the way to achieving your ultimate goal. You can build upon these clients by focusing on keeping that relationship a good one. 

It’s a common mistake to become too focused on gaining more clients. Of course, this is important too, but your current customers should never be made to feel like an afterthought. 

A well-nurtured client experience can be just as effective as a marketing campaign. People talk, and you can be sure that if you genuinely care about developing a relationship with clients, they’ll reward you with word of mouth referrals and more. 

5. Talk to customers, not at them 

Telling your customers what you think they want to hear is not the same as understanding their needs. Attention, care, and effort are the best tools for winning over your target audience. And what’s more, they’re all free! 

Person in White Shirt Holding Black Headphones

Don’t pay lip service to your brand values and be sure to keep the customers’ needs in mind. Empathy will get you far in marketing. We understand. We know. We appreciate. 

These terms seem insignificant at times, but never lose sight of that human touch and you’ll find your loyal customers soon enough.  

A Relationship Brand That’s Built to Last

Putting these steps into place will establish stronger trust and help to cultivate that powerful feeling of belonging. By better understanding your customers and allowing that trust to build, your brand is being handfed all of the insights and information needed to formulate a stronger and more powerful marketing plan for the future. 

Keep these human elements at the forefront of your marketing, and you’ll soon find that customers will slowly but surely see your company as their chosen brand, instead of simply one of many. 

Do you need captivating content that’ll inspire readers to take that leap and trust your business? It’s all in the narrative. The team at Writefully are always willing to help shape your brand narrative into powerful, human-led content. 

Or have you mastered your message but can’t seem to climb those Google rankings? Be sure to check out my other blogs for even more marketing insights, tips, and advice.