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I wish more small businesses and bloggers took SEO more seriously from the beginning of starting a website.

Instead, many times the story goes something like this:

Month 1-2: Spend more time than you should coming up with the best brand name and logo design.

Month 2-3: Launch new website.

Month 3-4: Start thinking about marketing and create big plans e.g.,like leaving your job, becoming a millionaire, travelling the world and working, etc.

Month 4-8: Implement your big marketing plans.

Month 9: Realise you still don’t have enough traffic visiting the site and cannot leave your job.

Month 10-12: Try different marketing tactics to keep your dream alive: Facebook Ads, Google Paid Ads, Instagram Live, SEO, etc.

Month 13: Realise SEO is not as easy as posting a tweet or an Instagram post and lose patience.

This timeline is just an example, but this is the picture I see over and over again.

What if I told you that if you take SEO seriously from Month 1, then by Month 13, there’s a good chance you will be getting a bunch of people visiting your website.

Just to add, these are people visiting your website who are actually LOOKING FOR YOU.

Check out this graph.

Analytics Graph

You can see that the traffic levels were simmering over late 2017 before starting to spike early 2018.

This is the result of super detailed keyword analysis, website optimisation, and quality content marketing and promotion, or in other words SEO.

I had a recent conversation with a client who was looking for my digital marketing agency to help with SEO—specifically link building, content marketing, and influencer marketing, i.e. advanced SEO—but when I took an initial look at their website, it was clear they had missed out some pretty fundamental basics.

This is almost the worst situation to be in as a business owner.

As you are desperate for new enquiries and sales, only to hear you’ve got a bunch of setup and website optimisation work that needs to be done first.

On top of the fact that, you need 6 months to see any significant gains.

It’s not easy for me either. I hate to be the bearer of bad news and telling people they are inhibiting their own success.

I also want to get clients results as quickly as possible, but you can’t just skip work that is required.

This is especially true if you want to market yourself effectively!

So, why not save yourself this time and future pain, by getting your website right for SEO from the beginning.

It’s tempting to jump into digital marketing, especially when you see these mega successful business and hear everyone saying the mantra, “you need to take action”.

I would just add, you need to take the right action.

Why do I think SEO is the right digital marketing action?

Well, SEO’s greatest asset is that it provides you the opportunity to appear in front of a customer at a time they are searching for products or services related to your business.

How cool would that be?


Search Engine Wooly Jumper are doing a good job at SEO.

So, take this post as your justification to start implementing SEO.

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