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I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our customers, Yasmine from Rosalind Miller Cakes on how they have been growing the business online

Introducing Rosalind Miller

Rosalind Miller has been baking and decorating cakes from London since 2005. The business also has an online cake baking school helping hundreds of people improve their cake making skills.

Here’s what we cover in the interview…

  1. How Rosalind Miller was growing the business prior to working with us.
  2. How they use Instagram to become visible online
  3. The emergency that caused Rosalind to call Neil.
  4. How the company is now growing their audience online with content, SEO, social and paid advertising
  5. How the company has pivoted during COVID-19 to online cake classes
  6. How Rosalind Miller pre-sold the cake school to over 100 students
  7. Future growth plans and upcoming cake classes

And Yasmine’s favourite cake…

What Yasmine said about working with us “it’s saved us so much time and has undeniably helped us”.

You can find out more about Rosalind Miller Cakes here: