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A few months ago Monique helped me with thinking through a new product we are in the middle of launching. Whilst speaking to her I loved her approach to creating content, perfecting courses and a cool marketing strategy she used to sell an affiliate course. So, I asked her to jump on an interview, and I’m so glad I did.

Who is Monique Muro?

Monique runs Proof Mango, helping course creators find content or tech glitches in their course that keep students from having a great learning experience. Monique’s superpower is finding errors in content or user experience that most people miss!

As with every interview, I dive into Monique’s business and learn how she’s taken her business from nowhere to paying clients.

What’s Covered in the Interview?

– How Monique got started
– What makes a really good course and actionable tips
– Common mistakes course creators make and how to avoid them
– How Monique grew her client base with SEO content
– How Monique achieves high email marketing engagement rates
– A cool affiliate marketing hack Monique used to sell a course created by an expert