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“I get asked this question about my marketing all the time, and I’ve never told anyone. I feel slightly uncomfortable”, said Meagan when I was chatting with her.
This has got to be one of my favourite interviews to date. Meagan drops tactics and strategies left, right and centre. I didn’t want the interview to end.


Who is Meagan Williamson?

Meagan Williamson, Pinterest Strategist, niche marketing expert and OG Pinner. Meagan helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to grow their audience with Pinterest. Unlock the power of Pinterest so you can level up and create a constant funnel of leads, sales and website traffic.

As with every interview, I also dive into what marketing strategy is working for Meagan in the growth of her business.

What’s Covered in the Interview?

We dive head deep into how can use Pinterest to grow their leads sales including:

  • What’s some of the main reasons why people use Pinterest?
  • Is there a particular business that Pinterest works really well for?
  • What’s your key goals and metrics that you’re monitoring with Pinterest marketing?
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses who are listening to this might be thinking where do I start with Pinterest? What would you say?

I also dive into Meagan’s business and we talk about how she’s grown her business having an authentic organic and paid strategy in place.

Lastly, listen to Meagan #1 piece of advice for business owners around defining your message and knowing who your audience is.

Enjoy the interview!