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Jenn is the Founder of The Confident Chickpea, a plant-based healthy food and fitness coach.

Before Working with Jenn

Jenn left corporate America after working in IT for nearly 13 years to pursue her passion in plant-based nutrition and fitness.

Jenn spent the first year navigating the entrepreneur world on her own and after 1 year of trying by herself, got in touch with as she was looking for guidance to speed up her success and protect her time and money.

Jenns’ Frustrations

Jenn was struggling with getting more clients and knew there was something not right with how she was targeting her audience, positioning her offer and overall communicating her ability to help people feel healthier and look great.

Specifically, Jenn told me, “I am struggling with branding, marketing, advertising and a concise service offering”.


It was so amazing to see Jenn apply the strategies and tactics and come back each week with more and more enthusiasm and confidence. You could literally see the clarity flowing through her.

Most of all, Jenn was able to reposition her overall brand and offer and tripled her income in 45 days. Jenn filled her first class within weeks!

How Jenn Made It Happen

Growing a business online should start on an incredibly tight understanding of the following questions:

Who do you serve?

What do they need help with?

How do you solve their problem?

Even if a business is clear on these questions, it’s common to see that they don’t know how to communicate to their audience online leaving their marketing looking robotic and inauthentic.

Jenn went through an audience discovery process to redefine herself, her message and offer. During the process she found the clarity and the confidence to start moving her business to the next level.

Through strategically understanding how her audience and her brand come together, she was able to make marketing actually work for her business, The Confident Chickpea. For the first time, Jenn’s content online drove interest, engagement and buyers.