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I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our customers, Dan from The Heating Boutique where we discussed how the brand doubled in traffic and tripled in sales in only 5 months.

Here’s what we cover in the interview…

1. How Dan was getting sales online prior to working with us.

2. Dan’s frustrations with their ability to engage the customer with content and how they improved their content.

3. Dan’s Bubbl joke.

4. How Dan diversified their traffic by increasing organic digital marketing strategy using a combination of SEO, Content, Social and Email.

5. How one technical SEO optimisation fix helped maximise Google’s crawl budget and lead to an immediate increase in organic rankings.

6. How organic traffic doubled and sales tripled in 5 months.

7. The profitable keyword Dan was not expecting to rank at the top of Page 1.

8. Why Dan’s Facebook engagement is one his proudest achievement.

9. The content piece that educated Dan, amazed their team and moved The Heating Boutique towards becoming an authority in their industry.

And more…

Dan’s #1 piece of advice for business owners: Laser focus on what you do well. Dan has tried diversifying in the past, but they have always come back to what they are good at, knowledgeable on and have the resources to do. This has allowed The Heating Boutique to stock products and offer fast service, something Dan and his team pride themselves on.