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Cristina Roman of Pique Coaching is a Washington DC-based Certified Life Coach for business owners who are ready to kick their procrastination habit, so they can take their projects from half-finished to done.

In this interview we talk about what causes procrastination and how businesses can improve their productivity. Cristina also coaches me on my mindset and gives me some awesome tips for my personal situation throughout this interview, you’re going to love it!

As with every interview, I also dive into what marketing strategy is working for Cristina in the growth of her business.

What’s Covered in the Interview?

  • Common reasons behind procrastination
  • How to improve your productivity
  • Strategies to prioritise workload
  • Cristina gives me advice on how to manage work from home with my 3 year old daughter

Lastly, we get into what’s working for Cristina in gaining new clients. She’s got a really cool personal and simple marketing strategy!