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300% Traffic Increase In 6 Months: How This Adventure Park Did It

You guys have been great to work with, I look forward to seeing what you continue to do, especially as we enter the holiday season”. – Candie Fisher (Vice President, The Adventure Park)

Introducing Candie

Candie is the President of The Adventure Park. The parent company Outdoor Venture Group, LLC (OVG) designs, builds, and operates Aerial Forest Parks, including The Adventure Park. Established in 2008, OVG was inspired by adventure parks in Switzerland and the desire to create an experience that connects people with the great outdoors.

Here’s what we cover in the interview…

  1. The Adventure Park’s audience
  2. How COVID-19 has impacted The Adventure Park
  3. How and why The Adventure Park migrated away from running 6 separate websites to a single brand website
  4. How Bubbl helped The Adventure Park get their organic traffic back on track
  5. The importance behind consolidating multiple websites to a single websites and strategically implementing this to protect and maximise organic traffic
  6. How paid and organic are working together to grow the quality of visitors
  7. How content is giving people a reason to come back and engage with the brand

You can find The Adventure Park at: and