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Placing incredible content is the main duty of every content writer. It takes a lot of work, research, and analysis that can make you feel frustrated at times. But there’s no better feeling than  seeing your audience engage with your content.

Marketing is fun, and, if you ask me, content creators help make the digital space a happy place for their audiences. Yet, to get a smile out of them, sometimes you gotta struggle first. Great things take time.

I’ve compiled a list of 110 great social media marketing examples to inspire your social media content.

Let’s get to it! 

1. Google Duo with Dr. Maya Angelou. The brand created a touching film and showed human connections established through Duo.

2. HubSpot: Employee takeovers have become a frequent  feature on their Instagram feed. It humanises the brand, and makes for low cost, relatable content.

3. GoPro advertises its products by featuring their users’ impressive photos on their Instagram page.  It means very low spend for them, and maximum inspiration for their audience.

4. Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName UK campaign showcased the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, and started conversations around gender identity. 

5. Airbnb’s #WeAccept campaign supported displaced persons or refugees by providing accommodation. 

6. I Speak My Truth in #MyCalvins aimed to support  freedom of expression. This campaign encouraged each of the participants to reveal their truth without ties. 

7. Daniel Wellington, a watch company, invests in digital leaders on a daily basis. They’ve opted to focus on ‘micro influencers’ because they have a higher level of interaction.

8. NatGeo: is a brand that goes big with everything it does, and its Instagram account is no exception. The images they share are breathtaking and varied.

9. Kayak made a name for itself by combining beautiful locations with comical visuals. 

10. #MyRoots: The talents of black British citizens were presented in this ad to raise awareness for Black History Month. A hashtag challenge was featured in the video, which received 311 million views.

11. Mashable’s Pinterest board specializes in amusing infographics. As a result, it now has over 191,300 followers on its infographic board! 

12. Taco Bell’s Twitter account is full of innovation and creativity. The brand uses funny one-liners and comebacks to win over fans.

13. Each emoji has a song linked to it, according to Pandora (@pandoramusic). At least, that’s what the American music brand was hoping to find out with its #SoundsLike campaign.

14. The TEDxPortland app added the word ‘Perfect’ to people’s social media photos. It was a fun way to generate awareness of the event’s agenda.

15. The NFL began partnering with TikTok in September 2019.  Since then, they have amassed 6.5 million fans. 

16. Porsche’s #DigitalDetox Campaign highlighted the importance of being present. This video strikes a chord with younger audiences.

17. TOMS #withoutshoes uses social media to increase awareness for children’s health and education. In 2015, 27,435 children in ten nations received new shoes as a consequence of the initiative. 

18. Mejuri: The jewelry firm launched a Pinterest page called “Styled By You.” They received a lot of high-quality photographs thanks to user-generated content.

19. Coca-Cola’s well-known tagline “Taste the Feeling” was changed to “Be Open Like Never Before”as a result of an innovation process.

20. Tecate: This brand combines sports with humor to provide relatable content. 

21. Apple’s #ShotOnIphone. This campaign showcases the exceptional clarity and resolution of its smartphone’s cameras. But also the various ways in which its users perceive the world and the art they can create from the palm of their hand. 

22. #PlaywithPringles turned out to be the second most successful brand campaign on TikTok. The video has received more than 230 million views. 

23. Jeep created more than 371 Twitter accounts with different images for their audience to find. When the user finished the puzzle, all they had to do was upload the image and they were eligible for a prize. 

24. Kotex selected 50 “inspiring” women and delivered them gifts based on what they had pinned on Pinterest. The brand gained tremendous virility, both on this platform and elsewhere. 

25. 100 Years of Oreos: The famous cookie brand wanted to celebrate its 100th birthday. So, they decided to make different advertising pieces for  social media, displaying the historical events that Oreo had seen since its creation. 

26. Tipp-Ex: One of the most well-known YouTube campaigns. The video presented the viewer with the situation of a hunter about to shoot a bear. You have to decide: do you shoot him or not? 

27. Nespresso’s “We care” campaign engages with the target audience through appealing to their emotions and humanity (also, George Clooney!). 

28. #GettyMuseumChallenge: Users on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accepted this outstanding challenge, and the results made for fantastic content. 

29. #ConverseAllStar TikTok Campaign aimed to promote a new Converse All-Star series. The campaign’s goal was also to increase both user engagement and reach. 

30. MeUndies: This brand’s innovative usage of multi-image advertisements is entertaining and engaging. 

31. Volvo: Who has not seen this viral video, where actor Jean-Claude Van Damme demonstrates the driving precision of this brand? It is definitely the type of social media content that you keep in mind. 

32. Chipotle’s animated short film established an incredible social media approach. The brand was able to highlight itself as a viable alternative to fast food industrialization. The video has received over 12 million views and hundreds of comments on social media.

33. Amazon achieves great success on social media, but especially on Twitter. It stands out for creating original messages, seeking creativity, and providing added value. 

34. Johnnie Walker’s beautifully shot ads capture the viewer’s attention until the end. 

35. Dunkin Donuts’ #NationalDonutDaysees the brand offering a free donut when buying any beverage. It encourages its customers to share their experience on Twitter. 

36. NASA maintains one of the most interesting blogs on the internet. They also use Google+ to promote science and education to the general public. 

37. RedBull commits to posting videos practicing all kinds of sports and activities. The jump from the stratosphere recorded with GoPro was very well followed. The brand creates engaging content with stories that its audience likes, without actively trying to sell the product.

38. Sour Patch Kids’ Sour used Snapchat to engage and interact with their fans all around the country. Sour Patch Kids gained over 120,000 new followers, and produced another 2.3 million impressions throughout the five-day campaign.

39. @DisneylandParis created a 360-degree campaign video. The result was a realistic experience that all types of users could enjoy.

40. Nissan asked Reddit users to request their favorite items on Amazon. As a result, they received over 1,500 comments on the post and ended up treating users with 30 months of Reddit Golden.

41. Urban Hilton Weiner offered store visitors a discount ticket. They only needed to try on items with the hashtag #urbanselfie, and tweet a photo. This idea increased traffic flow and, most importantly, encouraged visitors to try on items.

42. Facebook launched Facebook Horizon, a new virtual reality world. Its launch video got over 100,000 views since the launch date.

43. Warby Parker often shares images of its customers on its feed. This post is an example of how users love to interact with the brand’s content.

44. ASOS created a series of ads that immersed its media audience in the ASOS fashion world. And they had great success! 

45. Kylie Minogue opted to use augmented reality filters to give fans the feeling of being at a live event

46. (Doritos and Cheetos) face off in an epic battle of flavors. Getting high levels of interaction, and shareable content for two brands in one shot.

47. Dove’s Real Courage video was both on-brand and humbling, as it launched during COVID-19. The commercial features still photos of healthcare personnel’s names and faces. 

48. Pantene stands out for being appealing, modern, and based on user generated content. As a result, we can find lovely posts like this one.

49. Charming uses humor and casual messages. The brand also uses the “Tweet from the Seat” hashtag to promote user-generated content.

50. IKEA used Facebook to publicize and attract people to the opening of one of their new stores in Sweden. To achieve this, they uploaded twelve photos of the new store’s showrooms to their albums. The first person to tag  the product in the photograph would get it for free.

51. Jacksonville Jaguars’s use of Instagram Stories increases their engagement and creates multi-part stories. 

52. The Scrunchie Club relies on tutorials and positive feedback from previous customers.

53. Spotify released its 2020 Wrapped report, which took a new approach this year, focusing on thanking fans, artists, podcasts, and playlist makers for their support and entertainment of their audience.

54. Virgin Media’s “Stay in Love, stay connected” TikTok campaign had 21.9 million impressions and a 16 percent engagement rate.

55. Volkswagen wowed Twitter users with this campaign, which showed a unique way to promote awareness for Covid measures. 

56. TNT: Feelings and experiences sell, so always try to get your customers involved in your campaigns in a creative way. The television network “TNT” placed a red button on the street and encouraged people to press it to “add drama”. They hid cameras to record the amusing reactions. The result was highly engaging content.  

57. Verve’s Coffee taught us the value of high-quality content and promoting consumer engagement by asking people how they prefer to drink their coffee. 

58. Nestle outperforms the competition on Youtube because it has several channels. They do it so well that each channel they develop has its own audience and they all work!  They post audiovisual information on topics like Nestle KitchenNestle Baby, and Nestle Spain. 

59. Primark  released a line of items based on the iconic Disney film “Beauty and the Beast.” The €6 Chip mug was all the rage, and consumers were fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on one. Primark played on the situation by releasing a pair of socks designed for disappointed customers, then sharing them on Instagram.

60. Lays makes use of creative and entertaining videos as a resource on most of its social media platforms. 

61. Audi’s “be more united” campaign aimed to raise awareness about the coronavirus. 

62. Ebay created the #StrongerAsOne campaign to highlight the work of small British businesses.

63. Moleskine México came up with a creative way to advertise its own Inktober: Octubreskine. As a result, Moleskine Mexico’s profile looked like this throughout October.

64. Cookie vs. creme- Oreo: This campaign asked Oreo lovers whether they preferred the cream or the cookie. The business eventually made these same figurines in oreo using some of the photos they received. 

65. Gucci’s Instagram Campaign surprised many of the brand’s followers. It was distributed through Instagram under the hashtag #gucciandbeyond. 

66. AdoreMe is a lingerie brand known for celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They launched a self-love Valentine’s Day campaign allowing ladies to enjoy themselves.

67. Mango: On Pinterest, this famous Spanish fashion brand prevails with style! They provide a link to the product’s page on the website so that interested individuals can buy it. 

68. The Cheesecake Factory has a strong Instagram following and frequently posts about the food on their menu. These posts get a lot of engagement, due to the great images used and the funny text accompanying them.

69. Corona’s new campaign “Defront yourself” aims to motivate people to pursue their passions despite their worries.

70. Royal Caribbean launched their #PerfectDayatCocoCay Instagram campaign and saw a surge in mentions by passionate vacationers, who posted their photos of fun in the sun.

71. #TFWGucci has outperformed all the brand’s past efforts because of a simple and well-known concept: memes.

72. BlendTec created awareness by asking the question,“Will it mix?”. Their Facebook video campaign attracted thousands of viewers, and has led to many spin-offs of other companies attempting similar feats. 

73. Buffer: Interviews with customers and testimonials are also effective. Give your customers a shoutout on your social media pages to show how much your brand cares!

74. Bimbo is deeply held in the hearts of all Latin Americans, and it’s no secret that it leverages this relationship for its network marketing. The iconic Bimbo Bear, of course, could not be left out.

75. LEGO urged folks to make something that shows pride for Pride Month. They chose a few highlights from all the photos they received to share with everyone on Facebook. This resulted in a lot of likes and great feedback in the comments section.

76. O2 created the “Bubl Dance” campaign for a chance to win a Samsung smartphone. Tthe hashtag # O2BublDance managed to generate 2.3 billion visits. 

77. Mastercard ‘#PricelessWave asked users to create the largest human wave on TikTok, which achieved more than 2 billion views. 

78. Neiman Marcus uses cutting-edge technology to improve the consumer experience. The Neiman Marcus iLab team brought technology to its new Dallas store to interact with consumers. 

79. A Snapchat Sponsored Filter campaign was part of Netflix’s strategy to engage Gilmore Girls fans. 

80. #GatoradeDunk Lens drew a lot of attention during the Super Bowl by producing a bespoke sponsored Snapchat which was a tremendous hit. The number of views reached over 165 million by the end of the campaign.

81. Too Faced launched a TikTok campaign to promote its “Born This Way” foundation. 162,000 TikTok users collaborated to create 456,000 films for this challenge.

82. AirCanada decided to carry out an Instagram campaign hiring several influencers to travel to each of their new destinations. 

83. Fortnite pre-launch Twitter Campaign: Fortnite started a 36-hour period of darkness, which included taking the game offline. Only one black hole was left as a live stream on Twitter after the business hid 12,000 Tweets. This created confusion, which created buzz.

84. Domino’s Pizza Mexico used the power of TV and Twitter to create a series of promotions based on tweeters’ passion for football. Each person who RTed the pizza company’s tweets was automatically enrolled in a series of exclusive promotions. 

85. Chobani has a strong presence on Pinterest, where they promote tasty recipes, fitness ideas, and inspirational quotes. It makes you want to run out and buy a few yogurt cans so you can try some of their colorful culinary creations.

86. Sephora’s Instagram Stories deliver essential information on product reviews, beauty trends, and tips to its fans. 

87. Instead of uploading photos of their products, Sharpie decided to publish the photos of ‘doodles’ made with their markers. What better way to show what the product can do?

88. FireRock has one of the best Pinterest accounts of any B2B company. They understand what this social network’s users want and present visually appealing content.

89. Hillside Beach Club held a fun competition to “hire” six new bosses to manage its Instagram account. Users simply had to take some of their most impressive beach photos and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #JobAtHeavenOnEarth

90. Wendy’s: The brand already has a community of 3.8 million followers on Twitter, which has generated 11.2 million interactions as of 2021. 

91. The Four Seasons recognizes and takes advantage of the fact that the majority of their target audience is on LinkedIn

92.  Unitas Challenge was TransAmerica’s first Reddit promotion, which was successful in promoting their brand products and values.

93. The “There’s More Than iPhone” social media campaign by Apple is primarily about how the company safeguards customer data. 

94. Trello’s slogan turn meetings into do-ings” is highly engaging, because their target audience can surely relate to skipping unproductive meetings that could easily translate into task cards. 

95. Jumex’s content approach promotes family values. Also, the brand serves as an important component of a well-balanced breakfast.

96. For the debut of the new Ford Fiesta, the company used a Facebook and Instagram promotion. The purpose was to publicize the new features of the car with an interesting photo contest in which fans uploaded photos related to a hashtag.

97. Nike released the third video of its You Can’t Stop Us campaign. It featured memorable moments of professional games with world-class athletes.

98. Strauss Elite’s Keef-Kef bar is based on two words that together mean “fun”, but when read separately, “Keef” means “high five”. When the guidelines around the coronavirus were published in Israel, this creative social media campaign removed the first word of its name “Keef”, and left only “Kef”, which implies fun without compromising health with high-fives. 

99. Starbucks Red Cup Art featured 13 different designs created by its customers. The design proposals had to be shared on Instagram and in just 8 days, the brand received more than 1,200 designs. 

100. WWF’s “Earth Hour” original campaign was a huge success, as it managed to generate over a million user interactions across all platforms.

101. Canva is a straightforward platform that allows users to construct almost everything.  Their social media channels reveal a lot about their fun personality. 

102. In a torrent of content and an overload of advertisements, give your audience a break, exactly like Kinging-it travel bloggers do.

103. #AerieREAL has donated over $185,518 to NEDA, thanks to each photo that its users take under this hashtag. 

104. Fashion Nova:  To promote a new line of jeans designed to fit different body types, Fashion Nova launched a massive influencer marketing campaign, involving digital leaders who posted pictures with their jeans and encourage followers to use their personalized discount code. 

105. Grammarly decided to use a creative video to promote their services to an older audience. The video concludes with the inspiring phrase “create the future.”

106. Telepizza: If you want to explain certain data or statistics to your audience, graphics are the best way to do so! That’s exactly what Telepizza did, demonstrating how to consume their new product in three simple steps.

107. Dollar Shave Club has been setting itself apart in an increasingly crowded field by creating social media graphics that are particularly brilliant, in that they attempt to promote its products to a completely different demographic- women.

108. Denny’s Tumblr website has been able to target a young audience through community connection, humor, and current events.

109. The Monterey Bay Aquarium social media networks are full of science and humor! In 2019, their most popular hashtag  #ValentineASpecies generated  two thousand user-generated love messages. 

110. Pantone’s social networks are vibrant, creative, and often based on user-generated material. This is the brand to follow if you’re looking for creative inspiration.

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