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I’m constantly looking for ways to stand out on social media and always end up at the same conclusion – design is key.

So, I started looking around at what people were posting on social media and noticed a clear trend, animated GIFS.

The reason I love GIFS is that people love GIFS, which means they are a marketing engine in themselves.

Now, I could use GIFs already available online, but that’s not exactly going to stand out, so I decided to create my own using images only.

Ready to learn how?

Let’s go.


Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First GIF With Images


Step 1: What’s the goal of your GIF?

To get the best end result for your GIF, I’d recommend starting with a goal.

A goal could be broken up into the following:

  • Drive engagement and relationships
    • Be funny
    • Show your personality e.g. playing table tennis
    • Share behind-the-scenes shots e.g. preparing for a talk
    • Share in-the-making images e.g. a meal being prepared
    • Share the overall experience customers should expect e.g. customers in your restaurant
  • Show your product or service
    • Show your product or service in action e.g. holding a workshop
    • Customer reviews e.g. customer images and reviews
    • Make a boring product not boring e.g. software overview
  • Be helpful
    • Summarise your blog post
    • Share a tip


Step 2: What GIF do you want to create?

Time to get creative.

I’m going to create a GIF that helps me drive engagement and relationships online. I like the idea of sharing something I do practically everyday, but most people who know me personally or follow me online don’t know.

Table tennis.

Since moving into my office in November, it’s become my go-to stress-reliever. I’m no pro, but a lot better than when I first started and much more relaxed and efficient at work once I’ve had a quick game or two.


Step 3: Look At Similar GIFS

Time to get inspired.

Doing a quick search for “Table Tennis GIFS” in Google, I’m spoilt for choice.



I like the idea of creating a GIF showing me hit a brilliant shot (of course) and then winning the overall game. So, I better be careful with whom I choose to play! 🙂


Step 4: Go To GIPHY GIF Maker (click here)



Step 5: Upload Your Images By Clicking “Choose Photo or GIF”


Step 6: Reorder, Delete The Images And Click “Continue To Decorate”


Reorder Images


Step 7: Now “Decorate”


Decorating The GIF


Make sure you have a play across all categories


Step 8: Add Source URL, Tags and Click “Continue To Upload”


Upload GIF


Step 9: Start Sharing It


Share It


Step 10: You’re Done

The end result…

Instagram GIF Post


Ok, I could have improved the resolution of the images, and aligned the text better, but for my first GIF, I’m pretty happy.

Your turn.

Feel free to share your GIF in the comments below.