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It can be challenging creating good quality content that stands out from the crowd. It can end up being very time-consuming and expensive. This is one of the main reasons why I can’t bear creating exceptional content and letting it just sit there for no one to see or appreciate. 

I strive to get my content out there and noticed by as many users as possible. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than the knowledge that my content is receiving the recognition and appreciation it deserves. 

That’s why I am now going to show you how to take one piece of content and distribute it across multiple platforms and channels in various forms. 

The power of effective content distribution

Effective content distribution can work wonders. Working hard to distribute your content pays off and helps you achieve the maximum visibility you are striving for. Take me for example, I published a post on my blog and nobody saw it. 

This all changed, however, when I decided to give the post a bit of a push in the right direction by promoting and distributing it online. And I managed to reap the benefits as a result. My post went from getting 0 views to more than 200 readers in just 10 days. 

This is why I am a firm believer in spending at least the exact amount of time, if not more, in distributing your content online. There is absolutely no point in spending all that time and effort in creating top-quality content if no one gets the chance to even view it! 

How to distribute content online 

If you are eager to learn how to effectively distribute your content online, in the most effective way possible, here is a step-by-step process on how to do so. 

Focus on the content that deserves the most attention 

Let me start off by stating that – all content should be great, but not all great content needs to be distributed. For example, I am not going to put in as much time and effort in promoting a small FAQ-based piece of content versus a longer form “how-to” or “opinion” piece. My rule of thumb is, the longer I tend to spend on a piece of content, the more I will put into distributing and promoting it. 

Choose the best way to distribute your content

Now that you have chosen the readworthy content that you would like to distribute, it is time to choose the best way in getting it out there for your readers to view. This could be through visual images or videos promoting your content on your website, or by simply sharing it via various social media platforms. 

Do things in reverse

This may sound odd but hear me out. A lot of time I actually like to market content before I create it. I give my attention to the types of demographics that would appreciate a particular type of content and plan my distribution accordingly. And remember, there are no set rules on how many places you can distribute your content. You can initially start off with a handful of places that work really well for you and increase your readership as a solid starting point.