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I was finally let into Clubhouse on the 3rd of January (I’m @neilsheth if you want to connect) and have been pretty active since.

I started off unplanned. Jumping into rooms, listening in, asking questions and hosting my own rooms.

It’s now been nearly 60 days, I’ve reached nearly 4,000 followers, made some great connections and overall feel much savvier about the platform.

Neil Sheth Following 1st March 2021

So, how do you grow your followers on Clubhouse? 

Here are 12 tips to help you get started, grow your Clubhouse following and make an impact on your business.

1. Networking made easy

From all of the social media platforms, Clubhouse is the closest channel to real-life networking. The instant intimacy of speaking to others means you can develop relationships at scale.

2. Connect your bio to Instagram / Twitter to encourage conversations

I’ve never DM’d anyone on Instagram before. After Clubhouse, I’m having conversations on Instagram left, right and centre. Linked to the point above, make sure your profile is connected.


3. Optimise your bio

Spend the time to beef out your bio. If you look at 3-5 bios you will get an idea of the areas you need to cover. Stats, especially revenue numbers, seem to work well. I’ve chosen to inform people directly about the problem I solve at the top, share key facts/stats in the middle and then a bit of a story at the bottom. Add a call-to-action towards the end. Mine is to DM me on Instagram if they need help.


4. Ask questions in relevant groups

Want to increase your followers quickly? Start jumping into the conversation and asking powerful questions. Stick to the rules of the group. Some groups are a bit more relaxed where you can take the time to share your background. Others, just want you to ask the question.


5. Begin to collaborate

The moment you hit it off with someone, get to know them. Message them, arrange a call and try to give before asking. Sometimes just messaging people to say “thank you for answering my question” goes a long way. I’ve actually received a few leads and even opened up a partnership opportunity.


6. Schedule a room with co-hosts

You can easily schedule a room using the calendar at the top of the screen. The thing is if you are new and unless you have some novel topic, there is little hope in generating enough interest in your room and having people stay, let alone join. The answer? Co-host a room with 3-5 people to create that initial buzz and Clubhouse also informs your co-hosts followers about the room. This is also why collaboration is so important and growing your network is so important.

At time of publishing this article, I’ve got a room with Pat FlynnAndrew Warner and Joe Polizzi tomorrow. Very excited!

Clubhouse With Influential Entrepreneurs


7. Apply for a club

If you are looking to start a club that has its own followers then you need to apply for one. You can find an application online for this. Think of a club as a brand that people join and want to know when the next event is. Whereas a room is simply a one-off event. Before applying for a club, you are meant to be active in the Clubhouse and have at least started 3 rooms in the past. The rules around this may change.


8. It can be distracting and addictive

My wife has been pretty mad at me for jumping on Clubhouse all the time, I now say I’ve got a meeting – but seriously, this platform is really addictive. So, maintain your timetable and try to space Clubhouse out. I’m still trying to do that…poorly!


9. Find your vibe

The quality of the conversation in some of the groups can be really off-putting, and that’s what makes the “Quietly Leave” button so great. So, just leave and go find another group and conversation to jump into. You can search for groups or the algorithm will automatically suggest groups that you may find relevant. It uses the people that you follow to “curate your corridor”. I’ve literally heard that phrase so many times.


10. Get involved in newly scheduled events early

I’ve accidentally been in the first 2-3 people in a new event with some big names and it’s been great to get the airtime and chance to build a connection with them. You never know where that first interaction leads, I’ve now got a bunch of calls scheduled.


11. Learn reactively

I’ve jumped into smart rooms and have left with my mind blown.  No surprise I haven’t listened to a podcast all January and it’s the big pull of this platform.


12. Grow your audience quickly

As with any new social media channel, there’s usually this early adoption period where you can grow your following and connections quickly before the masses swarm in. That’s definitely the case with Clubhouse at the moment, especially as they continue to operate on an invite-only basis. Not only has my Clubhouse following grown quickly, but my Instagram following has (finally) increased and more importantly, I’ve had new conversations with potential partners and new customers.


Let me know how you’re finding Clubhouse? Also, feel free to add your tips and tricks in the comments below.