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Before we begin to delve into the benefits of AIDA model marketing, let’s throw a philosophical question into the air. If someone presented you with an empty box and told you that you could do anything you wanted to, as long as it fits within the parameters of that box, would you see that as creative freedom or a creative restriction? 

It’s a rather deep question to ponder, isn’t it? One that’s dependent on many variables, not least of all your desire to actually find innovation within set restrictions. But the truth is that all creativity is deeply rooted in some form of structure. 

For instance, did you know that there are only 6 stories in the world? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it’s accurate. Name a movie or book, shrink it down to the bare essentials of its plot, and the foundations of its story with fall under one of the following categories:  

  • Rags to riches story – bad fortune/situations are overcome that lead to success 
  • Riches to rags – a fall from grace where a character learns a valuable lesson through tragedy
  • Icarus – a climb to success, but a fall in fortune when a character goes too far 
  • Oedipus – a standard foundation for a narrative structure. A fall, a rise, and then a final fall
  • Cinderella – a standard narrative structure that begins with a rise, then a fall, only to end on a rise
  • Man in a hole – a tried and true story of a fall that leads to a long and arduous rise

While some people dispute these claims, there’s no denying that every story, whether it’s a novel, a motion picture, or a stage play, will adhere to one of these six foundations of storytelling. 

If you view these six foundations of stories (or the empty box in my first example) as obstacles then you’re already several steps behind the rest of us when it comes to marketing. Why? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that it isn’t important how many stories there are in the world, what’s important is the way in which these stories are told. 

How does this apply to AIDA model marketing, Neil? 

I thought you’d never ask…. 

AIDA Model Marketing: The Foundations for Innovation 

Just like how thousands of films and shows can feel original despite always following one of the 6 basic storytelling techniques, AIDA marketing can be applied to elevate your content and communications. 

After all, AIDA model marketing is one of the most reliable marketing strategies available today. Why? Because chances are that you’re already using an AIDA marketing plan without even realising it.

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What Is the AIDA Marketing Model? 

The AIDA method of marketing pinpoints the mental and emotional processes a person will experience when purchasing a product or service. Think of it as a marketing funnel that understands the power of human emotions and thought processes during the buyer journey. 

Much like the structure of a story, you can following the AIDA marketing model principles while adding your own specific flourishes to stand out from the competition and attract new business. 

What Does AIDA Stand For?

Awareness: this is where you’re creating brand awareness and making strangers aware of your products and services. 

Interest: the part of the journey where interest in what you offer and how it can benefit customers comes into play. Once interest is gained, a user will take a step further towards becoming a customer by looking into your brand themselves. 

Desire: this is where all of the most exciting parts of a buyer’s journey are unified. The user interest develops into a desire to buy what you offer. This need deepens through content that reassures, guides, or inspires them to make the purchase. 

Action: inspiring the user to take that final action and buy your products, download, or sign-up for your business.

As you can see, following the paradigms of AIDA model marketing give you the foundations to guide and convert customers through creative and impactful content. The content itself is entirely in your hands to make it as unique and innovative as possible. 

Making the Most of AIDA Marketing 

Knowing these AIDA marketing foundations gives your brand sturdy ground on which to build powerful content through a clear, and original voice that offers solutions to customers. 

Consider AIDA the building blocks that host the fine art you’re displaying. It’s not there to hinder your content. It’s all about perception. If you’re a creative person, you can adhere to any principles of marketing while making it feel completely unique. 

I’ve worked with several businesses within the same industry. Have I used the exact same methods and strategies with them all? Absolutely not. No two brands are the same, just like no two films that have the same basic story structure are the same. 

AIDA model marketing presents your brand with a fantastic opportunity to blend solid and time-tested strategies with original and innovative content. All it takes is the right approach and a sound understand of your brand’s tone of voice and target audience. 

Asking the Right Questions Before You Begin 

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Before you can apply the AIDA marketing model to your communications strategy, it’s important to answer the following questions for each step of the journey. If you can’t answer them well enough, then it might be best to further analyse your brand before formulating a larger plan.

The tone of voice, brand message, and USPs of your business must be established in order to know exactly what your objectives are. That little effort beforehand will pay off in the long run. 

How will you generate awareness?

It’s no secret that you’re going to need Google on your side when it comes to dominating your respective industry. But that’s not as impossible as you might think. 

I’ve spent years getting business around the world to understand one simple thing that can save your brand years of problems – you are working with Google, not against it

To gain more awareness you’ll need to help Google better understand your products and services. To do that, you’ll need to write clear and compelling content that’s optimised for Google and serves a purpose for customers. 

Through well-optimised content, Google is able to explore and index your products. It will then be able to offer those products to people actively looking for what you offer. Google likes solving problems for people online. If you have answers, insights, and solutions, awareness will spread quickly. 

How will you develop that interest? 

So, you’ve generated some awareness and that organic traffic is headed to your webpage. What are you offering in order to not only hook the reader but to begin developing a deeper interest for them in your business? 

This is one of the most pivotal moments in winning over a potential new customer. You’ll need to have content that informs, but also content that establishes your credibility. Strong content that has the values and mission statement of your brand alongside content that solves an emotional issue within the customer makes their experience all the more memorable. 

The seed of interest has now officially been planted in the user. 

Can you get them from ‘I could use this’ to ‘I need to have this’? 

The seed of interest is a powerful thing, but without the right care and attention, it can lead you nowhere. Through your blogs, email list communications, and other channels, build that relationship and keep them engaged. 

Content that situates the buyer in an imaginary prosperous future where they’re already a customer helps to deepen that initial interest and stoke the desire to take action. 

For example, phrases like when you’ve signed up, or your business will be as opposed to the middle of the road words like if you sign up or your business potentially can be set the mood for the final piece of the AIDA puzzle.

Will They Take That Final Action? 

The culmination of your efforts ultimately lies in their hands. And while a powerful call to action can inspire them to take that final step, it can be condensed into one simple question: yes or no?

If you know your brand, and you’ve implemented these other steps effectively, the answer should be a resounding yes. Why? Because through brand awareness, developing interest and stoking the fires of their buyer needs, we’ve made the journey feel subtle, and as if it was their choice from beginning to end. 

AIDA Marketing Wildcard: Social Media

The growth of social media over the last decade has given businesses further opportunities to implement the AIDA model across more media channels. This can significantly bolster your brand’s trustworthiness, particularly in younger consumers who have grown accustomed to businesses having a heavy social media presence. 

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As we’ve seen, there are only 6 stories to tell in the world, but a million different ways to tell it creatively. Let’s make sure that yours is a successful one! 

The team at Writefully are always willing to help put powerful, human-led content into action to inspire new customers and increase your brand awareness. 

And speaking of brand awareness, be sure to check out my other blogs for more marketing insights, tips, and advice.